Wednesday, February 13, 2013

LinkedIn - Bring US together.

Dear LinkedIn Patrons,

I would first like to thank LinkedIn for the recent e-mails sent to me in regards to the stature of my LinkedIn profiles. It is a nice reminder that, YES, I am doing something right in this chaotic world. 

Second, I would like to chime in my two cents on this fun global dialogue.

I have read a few of the responses and posts in regards to LinkedIn's incredible efforts to reach out to there most active user base. I would like to share some simple arithmetic from a humanitarians view point. 

If the 200 million LinkedIn patrons represent every business minded, career minded, goal driven, over achieving, I want to make the world a better place individual. Well, news flash that is only 3.4% of the worlds 6 billion population and that is rounding up generously.

This makes every member of LinkedIn part of the top 3.4% of the worlds collective business conscience. If you are like me and believe that business's are made up of people and that great people make great business's and that these great people are part of the solution to a better world then we need to get more individuals signed up to making this world a better place. 

Those of us who received a congratulations from LinkedIn for working hard, our responsibility is the greatest. We not only need to share with other's how we achieved this honor, but teach and share with them what the rewards are.

It is with great humility and fortitude that we move forward together as a group of like minded people.  In this great world that we all call home, it is time to go meet some new people and help them join the 3.4%. 


Jesse Arnold Miller

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